We grow food, the real stuff – straight from the soil and chockers full of nutrients. There’s nothing artifical here because our produce is grown the old fashioned way – raised on blood, sweat and a whole lotta compost. It’s then sold to good folk in our community who care more about whats on the inside, than whats on the out… although we do think our veggies are pretty darn cute!

Our little bio-intensive market garden, just 30km north-west of Brisbane, pumps out a wide range of chemical free,  closed-loop fruit and veg that feeds our growing community of households and local businesses.

Whats close-looped about it? Glad you asked – we deal with a wide range of cafes, restaurants, bars and brewers who lovingly provide their excess organic materials (yields) to feed the worms at the farm, and we in return, cycle back the material as fresh produce – Loop Closed Baby!

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