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We grow food, the real stuff – straight from the soil and chockers full of nutrients. There’s nothing artifical here because our produce is grown the old fashioned way – raised on blood, sweat and a whole lotta compost. It’s then sold to good folk in our community who care more about whats on the inside, than whats on the out… although we do think our veggies are pretty darn cute!

Our little bio-intensive market garden, just 30km north-west of Brisbane, pumps out a wide range of chemical free,  closed-loop fruit and veg that feeds our growing community of households and local businesses.

Whats close-looped about it? Glad you asked – we deal with a wide range of cafes, restaurants, bars and brewers who lovingly provide their excess organic materials (yields) to feed the worms at the farm, and we in return, cycle back the material as fresh produce – Loop Closed Baby!


So heads up – when it comes to food, we’ve stopped using the word waste… And we’ve managed to convince a whole bunch of chefs to do so too! We have set up unique systems into cafes, bars and restaurants all around Brisbane, so that organic materials coming from our partnered kitchens become YIELDS, not waste. This system is designed to create more effective resources for our farm by separating different yields into colour-coded buckets ! Pretty great right…

Well yeah! These yields are the fuel that keeps our soil biology happy and healthy, and so we cherish every last egg shell, each kale stalk and all of the coffee grounds that come our way.

Its hard for us to imagine where all the rest of it is going…

Maybe something to think about next time your out to breakfast!


For us, the most valuable component to this system is community. By looking deeper into soil health and taking the time to appreciate food that is grown properly, we start to look to the people we surround ourselves with more and more. We develop relationships with businesses that have abundant resources, we look to our neighbours who may be willing to trade their tomatoes for our cucumbers and we talk to our friends with whom we could share knowledge with in exchange for help in the garden. We are extremely lucky with the community that has built around this project over a few short years. Its amazing to see what a group of people can do when they collaborate and work together.

We hold regular events both out here at Loop HQ and in the City at various partnering venues. Attending these events is a great way to learn new things, meet new people and get a little insight into what the work of a thriving community can accomplish.

You can also go to any of these places to support local food and sustainability in and around Brisbane. These guys all divert their kitchen scraps away from landfill to help us grow veggies!!


Alphabet Cafe

All My Friends

City Winery




Little Tree

Lucky Duck



Newstead Brewing Co.


Range Brewing

Sprout Bakery


Wooden Horse


We also wok closely with these guys in various ways.

Coffee Supreme

Little Acre Mushrooms

Neighbourhood Farm

The Scratch


we are loop growers

We are Alice & Phil, and along with our incredible community and the helpful (read; hindering) paws of Derek the dog, are loop growers. We acknowledge and deeply respect the indigenous history of this land and the Turrbal, Jaggera, Jinibura and Kabi Kabi People who have resided here for countless generations. 

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